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Libertex Commission - Metals

The table of commissions and maximum multipliers for trading metals in the Libertex terminal.

~ Trading Commissions - Metals ~

Instrument (as in terminal) Maximum multiplier

Multiplier is the ratio between your trade equity percentage change and instrument price percentage change. Please note that multiplier is not leverage.
Commission (%)

Minimum commission (%) for making a trade of a certain volume calculated via the Multiplier level chosen when opening up a trading position.
Swap buy (%)

Swaps for leaving active trades open overnight for trading volume calculated via the multiplier. Wednesday night swaps triple.
Swap sell (%)

Gold ×300 0 -0.0066 -0.001
Silver ×200 0 -0.0042 -0.0014
Copper ×200 0 -0.0042 -0.0014
Palladium ×20 0 -0.0042 -0.0014
Platinum ×20 0 -0.0042 -0.0014
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Libertex works in the browser

Libertex works in the browser

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